The Discovery and Meaning of Reverence for Life
Historical Context
Youth & the Big Decision
The Brilliant Scholar
Albert & Helene
Why Africa?
The Journey to Africa
The First Hospital
World War One
The Second and Third Hospitals
The CIA and Hydrogen Bomb
Secret Correspondence with Helene
Schweitzer in Britain
The Understanding of J. S. Bach
The Crippled Girl
The Boat Trip
The Intellectual
The Affair
Humour in the Hospital
The Yellow Fever Vaccine
The Nurse Who Yelled at Schweitzer
A Tea Break for the Ants
A Dentist for the Termites
The Old Man's Dog
Mausche, The Jew
Biblical Problems
Feeling for Music
The Horror of Thank You Letters
The Aunt, The Uncle and the Newspaper
The Black Trousers
Schweitzer's Wounded Pelican
Hatred of Being Different
The Intolerable Young Man
Industrial Farming
Human Cloning
Global Warming
Genetic Modification
The Rainforests
Global Finance
The Earth Charter
Albert Schweitzer, Reverence for Life - Schools