Insurance FAQ’s

In financial planning, life insurance is a very important part of it. It does not matter the stage of life that one is in, as long as they have family members, it will be a good way to keep them covered should anything happen. There are many instances when families find themselves in a financial disaster after the death of their parents. To avoid these kind of problems, one will need to find a policy that will keep them covered and pay their mortgage if there is any.

Term is different from whole type

The term life insurance is a bit different from the whole life type. They all come with their own unique benefits that will go to the beneficiary once the owner has died. For the whole life insurance, it comes with additional advantages such as money market investments.

Policies get expensive with age

These life insurance policies become more expensive as one is growing old. Those people who have already hit the 50 year mark should closely watch their policies expire. After a few years, one should take their time to re-evaluate their term life insurance policy to ascertain it is still the lifestyle that they want. For instance, the need for protection will go away once a spouse has died or filed a divorce. Also, when children have grown to become financially stable, there will less need for an insurance coverage.

Out to seek death benefit

The purpose of having the insurance policy in place is to make sure there is a benefit paid to the beneficiary once the owner has died. When this person has died, the policy is going to pay the face amount to the intended beneficiary. These terms can be bought for a period of between one to thirty years. Many experts have advised that it is better to have enough coverage in the term insurance policy than a situation where there isn’t in the whole term policy. Once a person goes beyond 65 years, these policies become very expensive to buy. It is always recommended to buy before reaching 50 years.

Cheaper retirement investment

When one decides to buy a term life policy, this is an investment they have made to gain once they pass on. For those who are protecting their children, they can be sure that their children will be in a better position should they pass on. A financial disaster is also likely to be avoided as long as the policy is still in place at the time of death. When compared to the whole life insurance policy, the term life are a bit affordable since they are also for a short period of time. For the sake of protecting your family, this policy is the best. For those who want to leave some inheritance, then the whole life type can be a better option.