Why learn the Chinese language?

China’s dominance in world trade has been going on for a very long time. Its rapid rise in the recent past to an economic and political powerhouse has further spread the use of the Chinese language throughout the world. 

Why learn the Chinese language?

The influence of China has spread to virtually all the corners of the world. Whether it is in the field of diplomacy, sports, commerce, culture, technology or education, you are more likely to experience a Chinese role somewhere. Increasingly, therefore, contact with Chinese-speaking people has become more frequent and widespread. Not knowing the Chinese language has become a limiting factor on the global scene. The reverse is that a good command of the language opens doors and opportunities in almost every field. 

The need for Chinese language schools

With the rapidly increasing global demand for competence in written and spoken Chinese, the need for institutions to provide standardized lessons in official Chinese is apparent. These schools have also become extremely versatile; catering for virtually every imaginable kind of student and situation. As a result, you will find them spread all over the world and particularly in all the major cities. In China itself, there are hundreds if not thousands of such schools attending to the needs of both foreign and local students. Whether the students is only keen to master spoken Mandarin or wishes to study the language to the highest level, Chinese language schools have been providing the answer. 

Learning environment

The Chinese language schools are the popular venues for learning the Chinese language because they have evolved to address the learner’s needs very effectively and efficiently. They have done this by, among other things, developing:

Teaching and learning materials

Given the very diverse nature of the learners, teaching and learning materials have to be modified to fit specific courses, ages and student backgrounds.

Teaching methodologies

The learning of spoken and written language is a very practical thing. Methodologies used in the teaching of the Chinese language are based on this truth. This is why smaller class sizes are preferred because they give the tutor sufficient time to give personal attention and support to each student. This is even more important where the class is composed of students with different abilities and prior knowledge.  


The Chinese language schools offer both learning and living facilities for the comfort and convenience of the students. Proper classrooms, libraries, work stations and consultation rooms are available for easier and quicker learning Manadarin SG phone Accommodation apartments, cafeterias and recreational facilities such as swimming pools and gyms are made available to the students. Indeed many schools organize tours for further learning and relaxation. 

Language instructors 

These schools are manned by very competent teachers who have undergone formal training usually up to and beyond undergraduate level. They are skilled in teaching all learners, whether young or old, foreign or local, professional or enthusiast. 

It is not doubtful that the Chinese language will continue to be one of the world’s most important languages. A good command of it will certainly continue to be a plus for the bearer. That is why Chinese language schools will continue to be crucial institutions both in China and elsewhere in the world.