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Reverence for Life

This site is dedicated to keeping alive Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s philosophy of Reverence for Life, and also the story of its founder and the way in which he discovered this philosophy and demonstrated it in his own life.

"Reverence for Life" says that the only thing we are really sure of is that we live and want to go on living. This is something that we share with everything else that lives, from elephants to blades of grass – and, of course, every human being. So we are brothers and sisters to all living things, and owe to all of them the same care and respect, that we wish for ourselves.

Schweitzer himself said that his hospital was “an improvisation”, and that the most important part of his legacy was his philosophy. Much of his thought has already spread throughout the world, in the form of ecological movements and the ethical considerations arising out of economic activity and scientific discovery. But the tough and realistic way in which he thought about life, and also lived his thought, is something that the world still sorely needs.

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